Brand Identity
Kesar Sweets

Jaipur has always been known for its sweets and such is the love of Jaipurites for them, that the city is replete with sweet shops with patrons swearing by them. The task was to design the identity for a boutique sweet shop that wanted to make a mark in such a cluttered market space, a brand that wanted to be known for its premium quality and style.
The assignment involved design of a logo, a tagline, store interior display, various types of packaging, a website and advertising communication. Kesar or Saffron is used avidly in Indian sweet preparations, adding a wonderful aroma, flavour and colour to it. The logo was inspired by the strand of a saffron while the palette of hues that can be created using saffron... from maroon to golden yellow to beige, were used as the brand colours. The result was an inherently Indian yet contemporary look that has pegged Kesar as a brand that is elite and stylish.