Visual Identity Design    [ View Work ]

Visual identity is the most fundamental and critical of all graphic design works. Mercury has done extensive work in the area of visual identity design for brands and organisations in sectors as varied as healthcare, food, financial services, logistics and e-commerce. Visual identity design involves extensive and deep study of the brand or organisation, its ethos and mission and then translating it into a befitting visual expression that is distinct and valuable. It then involves creation of visual assets for the brand that generate value through high recall and liking. Some of the components developed by Mercury as part of a visual identity assignment are logo, name-style, stationery, print collaterals, wallpapers, presentation templates, web templates and display designs.

Brochure Design    [ View Work ]

A brochure is usually the most important and key introduction of an organisation or institution in print form. From a flashy and flamboyant brochure to a serious, business-like one, you can rely on Mercury for the best in brochure design. We spend time with you understanding your organisation, your market, the competitors and the target audience and then conceive a tailor-made, high impact communication. The brochure then takes its customised form, size, material, design and even written communication to achieve the desired image and results.

Book Design

Be it simple, yet professional, layout of text or complex and interesting page layouts with image-text combinations, we do it all. This may involve pure execution on a predetermined template/style briefed by the client or creation from scratch of page designs to suit the contents of the publication.

Book Cover Design    [ View Work ]

The cover of a book, booklet, magazine, annual report or any publication is its ‘packaging’. The book cover makes the first impression and plays a critical role in showcasing it the world. Mercury has created hundreds of designs for booklet and book covers. We possess the capability of understanding the subject matter of the publication and creating a befitting cover design on the client’s brief. We have designed covers for a wide variety of subjects such as ethnicity, human studies, geography, technology, sciences, environment, globalisation, tourism, culture, trade and investment to name just a few. These cover designs can be based on typography, abstract graphics, illustrations or visuals, as desired.

Coffee Table Book Design

A coffee table book needs to be a visual treat and therefore warrants a special approach to design. Page-after-page a story should unfold in most charming and impressive manner. We start with internalising the content of the publication. We audit the images bank available, plan the entire book to strike the critical balance between best impact and justice to the content and then design a masterpiece.

Annual Report Design     [ View More ]

A company’s annual financial report usually comprises two parts: the former thematic part treated like a brochure and the latter part comprising financial statements. Based on your Company’s ethos and corporate communication goals, we develop excellent thematic annual report designs.

Product Catalogue Design

Product catalogue design is a vital mix of organising and design. Rely on Mercury for a product catalogue design that makes an extraordinary impression.

Calendar Design     [ View More ]

Wall-mounted and table-top calendars are a powerful and the most “durable” promotion medium. At the same time, will your calendar be the one (of many that he will receive) that makes it to the table and stays for 12 months will be determined by nothing but its design. Use Mercury’s calendar design services to produce a calendar that wins this contest while, more importantly, working hard for your brand.

Direct Mailer Design     [ View More ]

Direct mail campaigns deliver extraordinary return on promotional investment. Mercury designs gripping flat and dimensional direct mailers that are sure to generate audience engagement and response.


You can achieve a lot even through a small handout or flyer, the potential of which is invariably underestimated. Good design input can make all the difference.

Magazine and Newsletter Design    [ View More ]

Professional, formal, classy, chic or just wild… whatever be your brief on design of a magazine (or a newsletter to go out to your employees and other stakeholders), we will get it just right for you.

Poster Design     [ View More ]

Get attention-grabbing poster designs for your brand, event or a cause. We design clutter-busting posters that not only evoke a response but also build brands.

Packaging Design

Mercury has worked on a wide variety of packaging design assignments across industries and sectors. Our approach to packaging design is to increase on-shelf appeal and underscore brand appeal.

Stationery Design     [ View More ]

Working stationery forms the most basic and most visible of brand collaterals. Impressive stationery design goes a long way in creating a good visual identity for any corporate brand. Distinctness, consistency with creativity underline Mercury’s approach to design of letterheads, visiting cards, envelopes, continuation sheet, vouchers, bills/invoices.

CD/DVD Body Design

Customise the CDs and DVDs carrying your data or audio-visual content with a body design of your own. Mercury creates striking body designs for CDs and DVDs to match and enhance the importance of the media content. Branded CDs/DVDs also act as an excellent brand or corporate identity collateral.

CD/DVD Jacket/Jewel-case Design

Mercury designs customised jackets (jewel cases) for CDs and DVDs. These jewel cases be anything from simple, single-fold cases to elaborate, multi-surface, hard-bound boxes depending on the need.

T-shirt Design

Count on Mercury for impressive T-shirt designs for your company, brand or an event. Well designed, customised T-shirts add immense value by giving the wearer a strong sense of connect with and ownership of the brand, while creating excellent visibility and a good “buzz” for the brand.

Outdoor Campaign Design     [ View More ]

Mercury has a strong expertise and rich experience in designing outdoor campaigns that span across hoardings, billboards, bus-shelters, banners and kiosks. We create high impact, attention-grabbing hoarding and outdoor designs ― stand alone or to complement your print campaign.

Conference Design    [ View Work ]  [ View More ]

Mercury provides turnkey design & management solutions for events and conferences. This starts with design of logo for the event and goes on through website for the event and every other aspect of the conference design, print collaterals, invitations, mailers & electronic mailers, delegate cards, presentations, backdrops, panels & display design, certificates, coupons, signages, and whatever it may take to make the event or the conference seamlessly organised and an affair to remember.

Exhibition Design    [ View Work ]   [ View More ]

Trade shows are a big opportunity to showcase the offerings of any organisation (or destination for investment or tourism). From developing a theme for a pavilion to design of individual panels or walls, Mercury adds tremendous value to exhibition presence through its design services.


Illustrations    [ View Work ]

Mercury can develop customised illustrations for print and digital applications. Mercury’s capable team of illustrators can handle a wide range of rendering styles based on your requirement.


Mercury’s illustration artists develop excellent caricatures in various styles. Just send us the images and choose the rendering style.

Infographics Design

Infographics are very powerful tools for packing a lot of related data and information into meaningful and engaging visual representations. Mercury develops infographics for a variety of data presentation.

Digital Image Enhancement

Mercury’s team has professionals who understand the nuances of lighting, contrast, shadows and highlights and are experts of digital enhancement of images. Besides enhancement, we have high capabilities in image-retouching and modification to create dramatic outcomes.