SEO services in India

In addition to web design and web development, Mercury is also known for providing best SEO services in India. SEO in Jaipur was not that well known till the time site owners started to recognize the value of having their sites highly ranked and visible in search engine results. Search Engine Optimization commonly known as SEO is a process of getting ones website in the top rankings of the results shown by various search engines. SEO services help in making your site more visible and helps your customers successfully find your products and services online faster with less effort. Simply put, SEO Services help you beat the competition.

Mercury, providing the best SEO services in Jaipur, ensures enhancement in volume and quality of traffic to your website. In short, an increase in the number of visits your potential customers will pay to your site and as a result increased sales and business. Let's have a glance on some of the many SEO services provided by Mercury:

On-Page SEO Services

  • Keyword Selection and Research
  • Meta Description Tags Implementation
  • HTML Modification
  • URL structure
  • Site Architecture/Page Architecture
  • Internal linking strategy
  • Content optimization (Keyword density)
  • Site maps (both XML and user facing)

Off Page SEO services

  • Search engine submissions
  • Link Building
  • Press release optimization
  • Directory submissions
  • Bookmark submissions
  • Article posting
  • Local search optimization
  • Local yellow pages and other such directories
  • Classifieds and Posting